London buzzes with activity any hour, any day of the year. But how on earth can you decide what you want to do in a metropolis of almost 8 million people, spread out over a thousand square kilometres?

The only thing for it is to break down the day, hour by hour, and choose from the best London has to offer. And that's exactly what
24 Hours London (Prospera Publishing) does! From running up walls to hunting down ghosts -- or just kicking back and relaxing at an underground loo-turned-pub -- you'll see the top picks for what's happening city-wide at any moment in time. There’s always something on, somewhere in London.

24 Hours London is now in bookstores worldwide! Head to your favourite bookstore, Prospera Publishing's online bookstore or Amazon.

And coming soon... 24 Hours Paris. Click to see more!

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Praise for 24 Hours London

If I am ever stuck for something to do in London at 4 am then this is the book I would turn to.
-- Scott Pack, The Friday Project

As travel guides go, this one is so user friendly, I'm surprised it can't pour me a drink too.
-- Bill Lumley, The Reluctant Traveller

Catering to everyone from tourists to foodies, shopaholics and spa addicts, this dynamic guide is packed full of well-known and totally unusual things to do in London.
-- Toni Hargis, Author of Rules, Britannia; An Insider's Guide to Life in the United Kingdom (St. Martin's Press)

24 Hours London practically demands to be read. Marsha’s writing is succinct, informative and entertaining and the temptation to read ‘just one more hours worth’ is hard to resist.

-- Michael Harling, Author of Postcards from Across the Pond: Dispatches from an Accidental Expat

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4 p.m. - Scoot Around

Down your coffee in the company of Vespas and Lambrettas at Scooterworks. Opened in 2000 as a scooter sales-room, word quickly spread about the shop's excellent coffee. And lo, a cafe was born!

Further information -- including opening hours and travel information -- is available in 24 Hours: London.

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